Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cute Smile

Often the pictures I receive of Caleb and blurred. If you know a two year old  boy, you can probably guess the best reason for that. He moves so fast, he often looks like a blur, even to the naked eye. And of course an iPhone was not designed to grab a still in the midst of fast motion.

Often, Beth takes videos to show that motion well.  Then when I want to do a layout, I need to capture a still from a video. This  time, even though the  picture is a little fuzzy, I got the biggest, sweetest smile ever.

It is a fact, not just an opinion that I overate at dinner this evening.  We ate at Husdon's in Hudson and had one of my very favorite meals. It is called Smothered Barbecue Chicken. It is wonderful. It was the first real meal I've eaten since the first week in January and I made the mistake of overeating.

Now it is only 10:00 and I am very tired. So tired in fact that I will be going to bed SOON.

But first I have to mention the unfortunate apology to barbarians for destroying books which held secret messages from terrorists to other terrorists who think nothing of killing anyone who doesn't worship as they do.  Freedom of religion...NO, not in their countries.  That is an American concept they despise. 

"For me and my house, we will serve the Lord." NIV Bible  Joshua 24:15

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