Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Special Day

Several weeks ago, Ron had told me that we were going to lunch today, I knew some of the others going, but didn't know why.  This morning he reminded me and I had forgotten because I hadn't put it on my calendar. To me if it isn't written on the calendar, I'll never remember.

Well I  dressed  in a hurry because I had planned this to be a work day. We had a men's meeting at the house tonight. I was in scrubbing clothes.  

I made it and we headed off to a church I had not attended before, but knew a couple who go there.  They are some of Ron's friends from the Y, whom I've seen a few times. Their church had prepared a really nice Valentine's Day luncheon for us. Others from the Y were invited as well.

  There was a guest speaker. He was a man I had met once. He came to visit Ron in the hospital when he had a TIA a couple of years ago.  I had heard a lot about him and was glad to have the opportunity to hear him speak. He  spoke on the love chapter, I Corinthians 13. As many times as I've heard lessons from those verses, it was still fresh and quite good. It was really nice meeting with him again.

I enjoyed being with a lot of people. I worked at learning  the ladies names and was  proud  of myself, since I still had that teacher gift of remembering. 

Something very unusual happened today...I didn't make a single political comment the whole time we were there.  Thinking back on it though, maybe I should have.  These were good Christian people.  I'm sure they will vote with God's will in mind.

By the way some polls are saying Santorum is now tied with Romney. Others say, he has taken the lead.

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