Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine...Make Your Own

I got my Valentine from Caleb yesterday. Today I took the time to made layouts with those great pictures of him in the kitchen making his own salt 'play doh'.  It was tinted pink and he stirred it well, patted it down and rolled it out for the cut. I dearly love this last picture with the heart shaped cookie cutter.  At the end, I will put the same picture on which his mom used an app with her iPhone. I love the feel, but it didn't  fit as well with the others here.

If you have heard of the man who shot up his daughter's computer and wondered what it was all about, you can watch it on YouTube. Or, you can click here and see it on Blaze. 

I'm not sure I would do the same thing, but he has an interesting point to make and he made it other parents around the nation.

He has my heart................................

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