Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine Girl

Not sure why I missed getting these on the blog for a whole week.  Here they are now, Ashley. What a sweet girl you are.  You surely do love those 'Builda Bear' pets.  And you look darling in the shirt your mom made for you.   I'm now working on layouts of you and your brothers in your eastern outfits at your daddy's play.   Love you. Gramma.

Being a grandmother is one of the true joys of life.

Last night we had Caleb here, tonight Ashley and tomorrow night will bring Lauren. Then you'll see Aussie and Mason.  Wish I  would get more pictures of Brandon, Brittanie and Leah. It's been a while since I've seen a new one.

I've been spending a lot of time at Curves recently, since I'm trying to shed pounds. Today a friend there told me that her sister said that now she is  over 60,  if she wakes up in the morning and nothing hurts, she is dead. You might as well laugh.  We need something to smile about these days.

Today I'm happy to be a part of the Tea Party.  And thankful that God is in control of the weather and not man. He is quite a bit more experienced and way brighter.  Today He surprised all of us with a cold day and snow. It was 'supposed' to be 46. HA

Last evening our cat was minding her own business on our porch, when I feral neighborhood cat attacked her as he has done a few times before. He scares her to death when he does his Peeping Tom act and she is  in the house.

Well this was the last time. We decided to protect her. Ron set a trap and got him. This morning he made a trip to the humane society. So if there is anyone who wants a wild cat...he's a beautiful black and white cat, you'll know where to get him.  Just don't bring him back to this neighborhood.  Our little one is still recuperating.

She doesn't feel well at all... Probably the way we feel when we hear of the latest shenanigans in Washington.

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