Friday, February 24, 2012

Newt Has a Plan

I just discovered something this week. I can use the shortcut Command Shift 4 and capture a desired portion of the screen while we are on  FaceTime.  Here are three of the ones I caught: Beth and Caleb, John and Caleb. If you know little ones, you will probably understand the slight blur of the last shot.
He moves very fast.  

On a second topic, Newt has made a good move, in my opinion.  He has come up with a great plan to quickly bring our nation out of the hole into which it has  sunk, put people back to work and put the word  prosperity back in out vocabulary.  Check out this plan that will give us $2.50 a gallon gasoline here.

If you read this late and can no longer find this site... google Newt's plan for $2.50 gas.  If that fails, you'll know it is so good, those in control don't want you to see it.  Vote for Newt.

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