Thursday, February 2, 2012

To demand or deliver...

Generally, I do not like to do layouts over because I can't keep up with all the pictures and I really want to make some layouts from pictures taken years ago. But because I have been making my pictures an exact size to fit more easily into My books, layouts that I'd already completed for the next book had to be reworked.  This one of Caleb was one I had never really liked. The color combination just didn't go well with the brown background I used; so when I redid it, I changed the background to chocolate chips. I'm happier with it now.

This project has been time consuming, since I had about 60 pages that had to be redone.  It was very difficult and time consuming at first, but now I have it down to a science and it goes quickly.   Now instead of having a book with 12x12 layouts, my pages are 3324 pixels x 2575 pixels.  I didn't like the look of them at first, but I'm adjusting fairly well...and the books are much easier to make online.

Adjusting is not easy, especially for  us "old timers", but I vowed when I was younger to keep up with the times.  My mother was my example and it was a very attractive quality to me.  I will listen to those with differing opinions and weigh them with the facts. Most of the time, I stick with what I've always believed, but not always. Facts are facts.

And one fact I know is that hiking the minimum wage is disastrous, especially in hard times when there are so many out of work.  When it becomes too expensive for a small business to hire unskilled labor, they don't. So jobs are lost.  When unskilled labor costs more than it is worth to a company, and they have to hire workers, they have to also raise prices for their goods or services so they can  pay the bills. The people who lose the most are those with minimum wage jobs.  They can't afford to pay higher prices.  This is a historical fact.  Many do not understand anything except that they want more money and many people think they are worth more than they are.  Most people do not work at minimum wages for ever.  Those are entry level jobs. If that worker shows he or she will work hard and can be trusted then he/she will work him/herself up the ladder to better and better jobs...with higher wages and benefits.

Instead of demanding, try delivering. It will bring you great rewards in time.

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