Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skylander's Tournament

Lots of kids are playing computer games and one of the really popular ones right now is Skylander. I've read an explanation of it and still don't get it, but I'll not be playing.  Of course at this age, I probably don't have the reflexes required anyway.  I guess we could have a granny's tournament if anyone cared.

Parents must be into this as well, because some of Greg's workmates got their children together for a tournament.  The triplets ended up being the oldest ones there, so they had an edge...and they did win...all three prizes.  That made mother a little uneasy. It just didn't seem fair.  But anyway, I'm supposing everyone had fun and they are all practicing for their next chance to be champion.

The Catholic Church is a champion in my book at present.  The Obama administration with their ominous health care bill had issued an order that the church must comply with their (UnChristian) requirement that religious-affiliated schools and organizations must cover contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. The church is responding  with  bold proclamations  and fighting back.

The libs want their (made up) separation of church and state, until it runs counter to their own desires to suppress the church.

This goes for all Christians who take a fundamental view of the scripture. It is not the Lord's will to desanctify life.  We must all rebel against such a requirement.

I see that Obama himself is backing down on this one, but mind you...it is only until he gets himself reelected.  Once he is in the office for four more oppressive years, he will do as he pleases.  And he definitely wants to destroy Christianity in this nation that he loathes.

And why would I dare say such a thing?  Because he might  as well  have said it himself in some of his published work. And his actions speak.

Please pray for him that he sees the light and turns his life around.

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