Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's a Zoo Out There

Nashville gave them a very nice day and Chelle took the triplets to the city zoo. It's one of their favorite places to go.  This time Mason joined in to help with the photography.

Each one chose his/her favorite animal. Once they got home, they were to write a report on that animal. Aussie was so 'anxious' that he started writing his during his visit.

Have been reading about all that is going on in the states relating to the upcoming election and Obama's blunders over birth control, abortion and the church.  It is a real Zoo.

As far as the news reporters are concerned, this issue is only one for  Catholics.  They would be far from right  with that supposition. Christians in all fundamental churches feel the same way.  It is a basic teaching of the Bible!

I am thinking that God is working to deliver this country back into the hands of its citizens and Christians in particular.   Obama has been making big  blunders. And it seems that God  is raising up a Republican nominee who is a Godly that He can use to reChristianize this land.

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