Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Young Adults

I loved the rhyme of plaid, which is now back in style, with the words rad or bad; but being an old Grandmother, I wasn't sure if those two words were still up to date.  Word fads seem to go in and out so quickly anymore. So I emailed (I know texting is the thing now.) Lauren to ask if one of those words would work.  She told me to use either one, 'cause I am the Gramma.  So I have a blank ticket.  Watch out...I might get real grandmotherly and tell them about walking to school in snow drifts up to my bottom. I'm sure they would never believe a person would walk to school. Certainly not both of our cars were in the repair shop.

Some day I will have  to show and tell about my childhood, which is so foreign to those of kids today.  We love our kids so much that we do everything we can to make them happy.  Sometimes it might be too much. Adversity builds a strong character.

This is not our Lauren. But many young people today think they deserve everything they want and if for some reason they can not get a high level job straight out of school, they blame others...society for example.  Look at those protesting in the city parks these days. They need to get entry level jobs and prove they are worth a salary instead of holding out for that golden opportunity.  The generations that preceded them, often did moonlighting...they worked more than one job to make a living until they developed the skills needed to make a decent wage in one shift. Or they started businesses and lived on a shoestring, bread and water until they turned a meager profit. Year after year they did without, until they made it big...if they ever did.  This is the first generation that has felt they must have it all from the very beginning.

 And that dear citizens is why so many of them voted for Obama. He promised everything. I am hoping they are discovering that instead he gave them an economy that will crash unless he gets out of the way. He's given us gas prices that will continue to rise because his bunch will not allow us to drill our own plentiful oil...making more jobs and keeping money in the country instead of it gushing out to import oil.  The millions of jobs he promised turned out to be a loss of over 400,000. The unemployment rate, which doesn't even count all those who quit looking for work, is very high.

I pray, that our young people will choose freedom and not the crap they've been fed. Neither Socialism or Communisn has ever worked anywhere it has been tried.  But they keep thinking they'll get it right next time.

I choose Freedom and hope and pray all of you do as well.

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