Saturday, April 7, 2012

April was home for her birthday.  She and I were on our own during the day, so we shared a pecan crusted chicken salad at Friday's and then went shopping...our kind of shopping...looking for bargains. Of course our first stops are the discount stores. Here is April at Marshall's. Naturally, the cut ups that we are, we find and point out the really strange  pieces we see.  She is wearing sunglasses with...yes...those are chains  hanging from the edges of the frames. We couldn't figure the purpose of these other than to get attention for being weird. However good they looked on her, we didn't buy them, but left them so others could enjoy a laugh.

After I got the picture on the computer, I discovered another use for these big lenses.  They can be used for applying makeup without scrounging around in your purse for a mirror. One problem is, the cameraman cannot remain anonymous with his reflection in those mammoth windows.

Many of us like to remain in the shadows, but hiding behind these glasses is not the solution!

Those who write letters to the editor of their local papers must sign their names. Many would rather die. I really appreciate those who step out and say something when things go wrong.

I liked this following letter I clipped from the Akron Beacon Journal this morning.  It may not have been from today's paper, since I tend to catch up on the papers two or three days at a time.

I will quote it word  for word in order to not chance changing it's meaning in any way. It is well written.

"In response to Marina Pelemis' March 30 letter, 'Understand atheism,' I would like to point out to her as she denounces God because of a lack of evidence, that 'scientific proof' is hypothetic, deductive reasoning, a tentative answer, a theory.  Life is not material.  God gave his children, the self-proclaimed atheists included, life.  Wake up and smell the Christianity."  Lisa Ayers    Akron

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