Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Bike for a Two Year Old

This Gramma, as most others in the past, I suppose,  is having trouble keeping up with what is going on in the world.  I'm so surprised to see Caleb, who is only 26 months old riding a bicycle.  The first  thing I noticed was the absence of training wheels.  However, I did see that there are no pedals and that both his feet reach the ground. Evidently this is a clever new way to teach him balance. I took these still shots from a video where he was flying around the patio with great control. I would imagine, he will be able to go straight from this bike to a larger one without those old training wheels...and without the fear of loosing his balance.  At least I hope that is the way this works. 

And let's not lose our balance...the balance of power.  Our democratic Republic was built with three separate branches...the executive, the legislative and the judicial, for the purpose of balancing power.  When any one branch oversteps it's boundaries, the government is thrown out of balance and things start whirling out of control.  For example, when the president (executive) branch puts pressure on either the legislative branch (Congress) or the judicial branch ( Supreme Count) to do what he wants done, the balance can be thrown off and the whole system can be thrown out of kilter.  It can die an even quicker death if  the president goes around or over the other branches and does whatever his little heart desires without regard for their rulings.   There is a provision in the system for correcting this.  That man, or woman, can be Impeached and stripped of power.  

It may not be soon enough to prevent great damage, but it is never too late to start proceedings.

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  1. I love it! I noticed that too when I saw the videos. I think that is an awesome way to learn how to ride a bike! It is so adorable! HE is so adorable!