Friday, April 13, 2012

Nice Catch

After fighting  obstacles on his fishing  trip, things finally turned around and Tim had the best results ever.

Here is an example of his catch.  I'm really glad to get to post this after that of April 4. His face it so much brighter.  Congratulations, Tim.  Nice catch.

I don't understand the desire to sit in a boat for hours while pulling in fish.  But I do respect a man who likes  to fish and 'works' at it.

I also respect women who stay at home with their children, especially when they really could use a little more money coming in to the coffers. It is a big job to raise children.  I know, because I did it myself. I experienced teaching school only, teaching school while having children at home, and staying home with as many as 5 children.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  A mother can generally fill all but a few sleeping hours, whether or not she leaves the house for a job. I really feel for the mothers who deem it necessary to work outside the home.  After they work all day away, they must come home and work more. And they miss all the milestones along the way... a child's first step, first words, etc. I respect that all women must make tough decisions.  Republicans respect women.  While that is not always the case in the Democratic camp.

Hillary Rosen (Democrat spokesperson) said that Romney's wife, Ann, had never worked a day in her life. Of course, Hillary has no way to know that.  And since Ann raised 5 children, I seriously doubt that.  

While  disrespecting  a large number of women, the Obama  administration has bulldozed the economy so that many, many jobs have been lost since he became president...the way biggest majority of which have been jobs for women.  Do they lose respect of the Democrats when they lose their jobs?  

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