Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bible in School

Seldom do we get a picture as good as this featured one of the triplets. It is great when they cooperate. I like the full shot of them in this wooded area as well.  It was a great day for pictures and because  of that, a day the triplets and  their family will remember for many years.  

We are so blessed that these kids are home schooled in a Christian home.  If they were in public story, their education would fall short, since their whole lives are based on God's word.  Denying children the right to speak of their God in school is denying their very spirit.

The governor of Arizona knows the importance of Bible study in the school as did our founding fathers. The Bible is now to be reintroduced to the classroom in that state.  Just this week, Arizona's governor, Jan Brewer signed the bill into law that treats the Bible as an historical book that deserves study in the classroom. Students will learned the information in the Old and New Testaments, the history that is recorded in them and the influence that the book has had on law, literature, art, music and cultural values.

Why that would be a controversial might be explained in our utter departure from the truth and an attempt to hide from our God. 

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