Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Is there anything more dear than a child with a innocent curiosity about everything?  Caleb here is studying the lady bug.  I imagine he will come across  fine specimens of all the insects this year after the mild winter. Insects should be plentiful this summer.

It is marvelous  the way our weather is first warm, then cold, dry and then wet. There is no one weather pattern that man can  precisely predict.  The moment they think they know exactly what the weather will be, they are setting themselves up for upset.  I'm not sure if God does it on purpose to show man he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does, or what.  I do know that weather data has been kept for many, many years and still no one can come up with an exact science for predicting weather for tomorrow, let alone trends that will hold true for years to come.  

NASA has gotten itself into bad light recently when the agency included unproven and unsupported remarks concerning global warming, particularly that carbon dioxide is the major cause of 'climate change'.

Forty-nine well respected former NASA astronauts, engineers and scientists are not remaining mum. They have accused the top executives of NASA with Charles Bolden at the helm, of using that agency to push global warming, which has not been proven.

It is bad enough that the media (brain washed by alarmist professors in journalism school) and teachers (taught by socialist professors in the universities) are out there day to day trying to shove this non-science down the throats of everyone in an attempt to cripple our country's economy with legislation.

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