Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe

My layout tonight stars Pat and Lauren on spring break, just passing by the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

Back to a school term, coming shortly to a grand finish, Lauren may be coming home soon for the summer, because of grades good enough to skip finals.  I'm not sure when they started that, but wish they had while I was in college.  No such luck for us.

Opinion time: Have you heard our president's apparent threat against the Supreme Court?  It was a power squeeze if nothing else. He belittled them in a public message aimed at getting his way relating to  Obamacare.  It didn't come off well and made him sound like a schoolyard bully, it you ask me.  Of course no one did.  But I have the prerogative of expressing my opinions whenever and however I wish. This is still a free country.  And it will be as long as we don't allow those who would run roughshod over us hold public office. Which brings us to the election in November.

Do we want a big bully in our school yard?  I don't think so. Let's elect a civil, good hearted person, devoid of an agenda that would bury us. Pray that we survive this presidency without him staging a national emergency with the march on wall street crowd, and then mandating  a state of emergency and takes full control.

It's time we start calling all his efforts by their true name, which is Communism.

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