Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palin on NBC

Lauren and Pat, still on spring break when these pictures were taken,  got several shots here with  Santa Monica  Pier in the background.   I really enjoyed doing this layout with the soft colors of the seascape and my favorite font, Scriptina. I used the Scrapgirls collection SeaGlass by Amanda Sok (Fraijio -Tobin).

I have an opinion about the Today show on NBC.  The only morning show on TV in this house is on the Fox News channel. Does that tell you what I think of NBC?  

I don't even watch our favorite channel in the morning, but do walk by now and then and enjoy a few minutes. 

But Tuesday, I'll be watching NBC Today.  Why?  Because Sarah Palin will be at the helm there that  day.  I understand that Katy Couric, the host for that program ,will be on ABC that day instead.  Therefore, she and Sarah Palin will be going head to head. I would love to see NBC ratings soar that day. Hope you will be watching as well.

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