Friday, April 6, 2012

Red Heads

Okay, I couldn't resist naming this Red Heads. I'm not sure why the stage lights made everyone's hair red. The triplets all have red hair here,  and I  lost mine this week.  Well not really, but April put highlights in my hair, so the base is still the same...a slight reddish darker color it has turned as I grew older.

After she had finished, she commented that she may have to put a toner on it because it was soooo light. When I first saw it wet, I agreed that it was way too blond.  But when I'd showered and dried it,  I thought it was really quite now I'm a blond.  I'll let you know if blonds really have more fun. It might be true, because I have been having quite a good time this last two days.  :)

Oh and actually Aussie, second portrait from left, does have my color of hair.  At least it is the hue I had at his age...strawberry blond.  So, technically, he is a redhead.  In these pictures though his isn't any redder than the others.

Talk about being red... Being a red at one time meant one was a communist.  Well, in my mind it still is and we now have one in the White House and several more scattered around Congress and the courts.  Kruschev said they would bury us (November 18, 1956 ) and looks like their  plan is coming to fruition. In my opinion, the only thing that can save us now is turning back to God and praying earnestly that He will deliver us from the turmoil the left has in store for this nation.

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