Monday, April 23, 2012

Pump It Up

At 2 years old, Caleb already owes a big chunk of money to China.  Being in debt is bondage.  We want to return to our free country where indeed we are free to decide how we  will spend our money, speak our minds, travel freely, choose our own doctors and whether or not we want to eat a hamburger and fries.

This debt problem is not a black/white issue, not a male/female issue, not and old/young issue, not a rich/poor issue, not a thin/fat issue, not a religious issue.  It affects EVERYONE of every race, sex, age, religious persuasion and financial condition.   

Caleb had nothing to do with this debt and honestly, most of us didn't either. It can be attributed to political figures who care not about the debt because they are spending 'other people's money.... yours and mine to be exact. You would think however that it would trouble them to be running up trillions of dollars in debt that their own children will have to help repay.

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