Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Early Blooms

This picture was taken on April 12, so today the flowering around here is more advanced. The azaleas below this dogwood are also in full bloom. My clematis is  blooming as well.  And my favorite peonies are budding nicely.  

God has blessed us with the natural beauty of spring and we are enjoying it to the utmost.

While God blesses us, He sometimes allows bad things to happen to us that we might learn of Him and become stronger in our faith. 

For example, we have a man in the White House right now. We are to love him and respect his office and pray for him. But we  can know that he does not belong there. It has been proven over and over that he is not an Natural born American.  All evidence shows he is a foreigner (faked birth certificate, college ID, social security number, and evidence from Kenya). 

I do know that if Satan has done this to us, God has allowed it. I pray  we can, through Bible study and loving God's word, please our father God and He will save our nation.

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