Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Fishing Trip

We are happy to see Mason was invited to share a trip with his friend to Welaka, Florida. I was not familiar with the area in Putnam County, but it doesn't seem far from St Augustine on the map. His paternal grandparents live there.

We do have more pictures so there will be at least one more layout of that vacation.

We are comforted today that Mason is not in the Orlando area. Terrible news awaited us this morning when we turned on the TV for the news before leaving for church.

It was a terrorist attack, the worst ever in this country, with 50 dead ( the cold blooded murderer, an ISIS sympathizer  died himself) And over 50 more were badly injured. It was enough to strike fear in our land...just what they want.

What I fear worse than ISIS right now, is our own government which will do nothing but talk and bring thousands of the enemy in, to live off the taxpayer. We need a big change in Washington. Protection of our people is the one and biggest obligation of the federal government.

I am hoping that this has an affect on our people that neither ISIS nor the Democrat Party expect. I hope it makes people realize that Trump is right about this. We must rid ourselves of this threat...and quickly!

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