Monday, June 27, 2016

The Silver Grill Cinnamon Rolls

This picture of PaPa and the boys, Caleb and Oliver, is one of my all time favorites. And the thought of being there at the Silver Grill in Ft Collins, CO makes my mouth water, literally. I wish I could almost taste those great cinnamon rolls. The truth is, I can never remember how they taste, just that they are phenomenal!  The Silver Grill is one of my very favorite places to go in town, because of those huge and delectable rolls. 

I included the web-site of that restaurant just so you could read the story behind those special rolls.

I suppose now, I should add the web-site of the best airline for getting you there. Don't worry, you could also drive. You might as well start packing, because after you check out this site, you will just have to try them yourself!

A subject of a more serious and less palatable subject: Did you realize that of the Democrats who staged a  sit-in on the floor of Congress against private gun ownership... at least 26 of them own guns themselves?

They want to protect themselves and their own property; but don't want you to have the same right. That is government run amuck.

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