Saturday, June 18, 2016

Budding Photographer

It is fun  posing for Caleb. It's the least I can do since he has been so very good to pose for me. He took this picture with his iPhone in his back yard in CO.  Im very happy to pose, since he has been such a good model for me over the last 5 years.

I certainly wish he had been here tonight. We had our 55th high school reunion dinner this evening and all I have to show for it is an African violet for serving on the committee and a group shot, which I haven't actually seen yet.

I'd like to have more pictures with other classmates, for example. However there is a story to remember about the shooting of the group photo. The photographer kept us laughing with all his directions done inside the restaurant at the top of his voice, I believe. Then when we went outside, after getting specific instructions and lining up inside, he kept us laughing as he walked out into the street, stopping traffic going both ways by yelling and holding up his hand and camera. Then he just stood there in the street for the photoshoot, in which he must have taken at least 10 shots, before turning, nodding and waving to the traffic, while we clapped for their cooperation. I'm sure that couldn't be done just anywhere. It is nice to live in and to have gone to school in such a laid back community.

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