Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wise as an Owl

Julia seems to study her environment constantly. She isn't going to miss anything. Everything peaks her interest. I'm thinking she will be a very wise little girl. I don't think anyone will pull anything on her.

It is 11:20 P.M. here. In 15 minutes,  I will be 73 years old. I'm starting to plan the changes we should make to our home that will make it accommodate us when we are older. We see the day approaching.

I believe in preparing for the future instead of just letting it happen. I've seen how hard it is when all of a sudden it or both spouses needs a wheel chair, for example. Not all houses are wheel chair assessable. The doorways inside this house, for example, are not wide enough. Bathrooms are generally in need of some changes. I would rather do the work before it is needed.

Today was a special day. I spent hours on the computer 'speaking' to friends and relatives and on the phone with well wishes from my family. One friend always calls to sing Happy Birthday. I will call him tomorrow with the same wish. His and Ron's birthdays are the same.

Some are excited about electing the first woman president. Yes, even though a person's gender should not have anything to do with his/her qualifications  to be president, I want our first female president to be one of whom we can be proud.  I want an honest one. I want one who has a clean record, one who does not get most of her funds from foreign sources. I want one who would never think of leaving the White House taking with her the china, etc. I want one who is responsible  enough to keep state secrets off her  email. One who wouldn't stand by and let our men fight and die needlessly and then say, "Oh what difference does it make now?" One who isn't just riding in on her husband's coat tails. My goodness! Could we just have someone like Margaret Thatcher?

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