Saturday, June 25, 2016

Catching on Young

He is six and taking selfies. He told his mom he learned to do that from me. If so, I am tickled that he could actually learn something from me, an old lady, who generally has to learn from the younger generations. 

Yes, there are even more pictures taken at the sculpture garden. I may eventually get all of the pieces we were able to see in layouts. They certainly presented some good photoshoot opportunities.

We enjoyed our day... heard a country music group and took a boat ride in the evening...talked politics. Who wants to do that? Well, this time, it is a very important election. Could be considered Life and Death...of our country, that is. This crash has been in the works of the modern Democratic Socialist Party ever since Kruschev pounded his shoe on the table and promised to bury us. It is not the party of the people as it once was. It is now the party of privilege and power over the people. All we get from them is promises and higher and higher taxes.

Check into Paul Ryan's new tax plan put forward by the new Republican Party. Now that is the GOOD NEWS. Fewer brackets, lower taxes for everyone and ease of reporting. Everyone wins and business comes back to the states, bringing lots of jobs we've been missing. Again, GOOD NEWS.

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