Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Working on Her Smile

What a cutie she is... already trying to charm her daddy...and I think she has done it.  So glad we were able to see her in person at this age and watch her sweetness.

It is so very difficult to live far away, when we'd like to see her and her brothers every day. I feel very sad until  I remember my friend being a missionary in Belgium while we were going to church with her mother here in Ohio. It wasn't the same back then as now. One couldn't just pick up the phone and call any time...and of course, there was no FaceTime. Flying back and forth was more difficult then as well.

And way back when I was a child, my father's relatives were all still in TX, while we were on this side of the country. I got to see my grandmother 4 times in my FaceTime yet. Even though I loved her, I barely got to know her except through stories my dad told me. We didn't call on the telephone either. We did write back and forth. I wish I had kept some letters. I remember my grandpa sending me $1.00 every birthday. Boy things have changed!

When I think of how good we have it now,  I count my blessings.

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