Thursday, June 23, 2016

It Sometimes Takes a While

Today, I've done 6 times as many layouts as I usually do. My creativity was either flowing, or my need for perfection has been doused.  Whatever the case, I'm tired. You may be tired as well. Tired of the same subjects day after day. I am really trying to get my next book done, because I feel so very far behind. What I did today, got me 1/2 way though my coming volume. I need to spend a few more days like this one.  

I've heard very little of what is going on in the world today...but the shooting I heard was bad enough and least in our state....and we know a victim of that shooting. He wasn't shot, but when he heard the gunshots, he ran as fast as he could, but was hit by a truck. He has a bad concussion, two bones fractured in his neck and a broken scapula. 

The fellow who shot the gun is now in custody...but the damage is done.  It is so sad to see innocent people harmed by...    I won't judge. God is a better judge than I, since He knows what is in a man's heart.  We are praying for our friend.

For the layout above, I took several pictures.  None turned out as we wished. This time it was Oliver, who was tired...or at least antsy. But, sometimes it is best to get a picture that will remind us that life is not always easy....just in case we forget. lol

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