Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Signature Smile

You may have to click on this layout to see what I'm saying. Oliver's signature smile is tickling me.
I think he might be trying a little hard to please us with a big smile. I love it. He is such a sweet little fellow. One of these days, he'll get it just right and we'll see his big gorgeous eyes. Yes, I know we've seen them in many pictures, but just recently, we are getting more of this squinty signature.

Do you have a fixed smile? I have to admit that after 60 or so years, my smile has become pretty much standard. Many people are like that...and some of them look much better if they just relax and think of something pleasant. They are either camera shy or much too self conscious.  My advice: Don't shy away from the camera. You may not like what you see in pictures of yourself, but others are happy to see you. They look at you with love, not fault-finding as we often do ourselves. And beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder. Love covers a lot of blemishes. Relax, smile and be happy that someday your descendants will see a picture and say something like, this is my great uncle when he was about my age. I have his eyes, nose, ears, chin...whatever. Perhaps your great grandchildren will say warmly, these are my great grandparents. I wish I had known them.

Now, it may be possible, they say nothing is impossible, but it is not likely it will kill you to have your picture taken. Humor me and your other friends and family and cooperate. Your friends, and especially your family will be glad you did.

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