Friday, June 17, 2016

The Boys

The boys are watching the animals. Which ones will they feed next?  We'll have to wait and see.

Sorry to have so little for you to see tonight. But this has been a busy week. Tonight, we kicked off our 55th high school reunion. It was an interesting evening.

I'm lucky to have gone to school when I did, when we respected authority, loved our country, were taught to be independent thinkers. No groupthink at that time...only in the book 1984, which we read for government  class.  Our teachers had not been brainwashed. I even had a teacher in 6th and 7th grades who had escaped communist rule, knew what it was like to live in a socialist country, and was so glad to have become a citizen in our free country.

Everyone should know someone like that, instead of having ones head stuffed full of rubbish like how bad our country is and how great it is if the government runs your life for you.

Please help us God. Help us recover our freedom. Give us back our Constitution. Let these boys grow up with respect for individuality and the freedom and safety we once knew.

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