Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jump Sporting

This layout should have actually come before the last one I posted. This is the type of thing Caleb was doing that led to his need for a rest. However, I just finished  working on this one. The page with him taking a break was done at least a week ago, when I fell for the picture of him lying on the trampoline. I had been trying to find a photo where I could extend part of the picture outside the frame for affect. That picture was perfect for that. Of course, I could have done the same thing with this last picture on your bottom right. That would make a pretty interesting shot as well.

The only thing I can say good about today is, I have accomplished quite a bit that has needed to be done for a long while.  I've been nursing my knee. Today I was able to do quite a lot before it started complaining. So, in some ways, things are looking up... for me anyway, if not yet much for our country as a whole. We just need to hang in there and convince others to vote to make our country great again.

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