Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The love of books knows no bounds.

It is very encouraging to see books like these provided for kids at the Bean Cycle Roasters Coffee Shop in Ft Collins.   Oliver and Julia are making the most of  them.  I don't know what Julia found, but Oliver seems very intent in his 'perusal' of the Dinosaur Babies book.

Reading is important for freedom. And it is also important to keep historical books; because, as we all know, what we read on the internet can change from day to day. There is no guarantee that what we find there will still be available the next week.

Many years ago, a book named 1984 was written by George Orwell. In it he was predicting the future year of 1984. He hadn't thought of computers, so in the movie, people worked for the government, changing from day to day all written history, so that people would soon not know anything that the rulers didn't want them to know. There were a few people who could remember, but going against the group was not allowed and it made them very afraid to speak up about anything.  Everyone's words were constricted to Groupthink, which is what the libs are trying to do to American school children at this point in our history. The group who has always demanded tolerance has become totally intolerable of anything different from themselves, their little group.

Praying for real tolerance, knowledge and wisdom for Americans.

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