Friday, March 17, 2017

Ski Memories

Perhaps Caleb's best birthday gift was a ski trip with his dad. Even if a person doesn't ski,  ski country is a wonderful place to spend time.  But Caleb is quite the skier already. I love the videos we have of him whizzing down those slopes, passing adults who sometimes stop to watch this little guy fly. He has such a wonderful balancing skill. You may remember he was riding a bicycle when he was just a little tiny fellow. That's right, a two wheeler! 

It is good to see him and his dad share their love for this winter sport.

His mom was quite a skier as well, but now with three small kids, she is a little busy, to say the least, and not willing to risk injury.

Risk. Are we willing to risk letting thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to flood our nation, knowing that many of them are dangerous dudes? I'm not.

Recently, when our president saw the danger in so many flooding over our borders, he ordered special  vetting of all immigrants, especially those from a few countries that pose the biggest danger to us.
A rogue court has shut down those orders in spite of the danger that brings to our citizens.

Jimmy Carter did the same thing when he was in office and no one questioned it. What has happened here? Why are many of our judges favoring possibly enemy aliens over the safety of our own people?  It is the perfect right of the president to protect us. As a matter of fact, that is the number one responsibility of our government.

I was proud to see our president, Trump, speak face to face with Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salmon in the White House this week. They are in agreement about Syria and it's ISSIS refugees. The Prince recognizes that Trump is a friend of Muslims, just not the jihadists that are causing so much trouble all over the world at this time.

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