Monday, March 6, 2017

Skiing Breckenridge, Colorado

Even though they settled far from our home here in Ohio, I am not too upset. It is obvious that Colorado is the place to be, especially for skiing. And our Caleb is quite the skier. Of course, John is as well. It is great to see them enjoy the slopes as much as they do. This was John's birthday celebration trip in January.

In the news today is the wire tapping of our president. It keeps us glued to the news, both the fake news provided by the major networks and that which is much closer to the truth, some of which comes from the twitter account of the president, himself.

Would we have ever thought that our news agencies would turn against us and join in the effort to overthrow the government and put us into subjection. I  know the journalists have been schooled by Communist professors. My question is this. Do they realize what they are doing, or are they really that ignorant?   

Please pray that many in the media will come to their senses and turn away from the propaganda objectives  have been taught and begin thinking for themselves and reporting news accurately instead of  with the objective of overturning our government.

Pray very hard. It is hard to get anything done when you are constantly putting out fires.

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