Thursday, March 30, 2017

See You Later, Alligator

See you later alligator... or maybe not. Spring break in Florida means more than just beaches.  Here are the triplets with their Floridian cousins at the Alligator Farm, a Zoological Park. Looks like this one has met his match with these 5.

Guess you may have noticed my posts are getter shorter, well so have I been getting shorter. Not that there is any connection, except the possible cause of each is age. Although I have met some very verbose seniors.

I tend to check out earlier...and if not going to bed, then falling asleep at my desk. I really do not like this stage of life where it seems if I'm not actually sleeping, a person observing might be fooled by my lack of expression and glassy right now. The only way a person would know I am awake now  is to be aware that my spell check is not doing this writing because

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