Monday, March 20, 2017

Julia 'Walks'

Julia just turned 1 last Thursday. I don't yet have pictures, but I'm behind anyway. This layout features the little sweetie when she just decided on December 28, to pull herself up with her cart and push it across the room. Then, the little star she is, turned to face the 'camera', as if to say..."I hope you got that."  And it WAS captured on video. I 'clipped' a  couple of shots from that video for this layout. 

What did we ever do without cell phones that shoot pictures  AND videos? What a wonderful world! 

We have so many friends on our prayer list now. It gets a little discouraging sometimes to see so many we love suffer, especially with serious things like cancer.  And some of them are so young. that makes it even harder.

Because of that, I hesitate to say this because it is so minor and how can I dare call attention to something like this...but I'm thoroughly miserable  tonight  with what I'd like to call an old fashioned head cold. While I was at the doctor today for a general check up, she asked if my nose were running. It was not. I don't know why she wanted to know. What difference does it make? Well anyway. Shortly after lunch, it started to run and run and run. I'm going through tissues, box after box.

Now, I'm getting more symptoms as well. I'm trying to remember to thank the lord that it is something so inconsequential.

Can't remember the last time I had a cold.  That's another blessing.

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