Thursday, March 2, 2017

National Pie Day

Phyllis retired from United with over 50 years of service as an airline hostess. I know, they are called something more PC now, but I'm not PC. I'm down to earth honest.  She has been so busy that we've not had much time to socialize, but now that she is retired...we still don't because she can fly she does.

 However, we did cram a day in on January 21.  We headed to Canton to find a fashion jewelry store at Belden called Charming Charlie's. 

I have shopped alone all these years and enjoyed the joint venture. We also found some new places, or old stores in new places. We had lunch while we were out and spent a few dollars on things we really didn't need. It was great fun.
To top it off, we decided to celebrate pie day by stopping by Shaffers, a store near here, for pie. The pecan pie was as good as it looks.

When Phyllis first retired, I looked forward to her being home, I still do. I'm also looking forward to her moving closer to me...we need her and her Ron at the lakes. Maybe we will be able to get together more often.

Oh, I must clarify the first sentence on the layout. "Phyllis and I had a big fun free day" should put emphasis on the fun.  It should have a comma after  fun, to indicate it was both fun and free, rather than it was fun it says. ;)

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