Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Go Girl

Ava likes her trike. I like her hair. It is long and thick with a lot of body. It will be too soon though that she pays much more attention to her hair than she does to her toys. I cherish these young innocent days...not anxious for them to pass. That is the way with us grammas. We know how fast they grow up and then long for them to be little again. They are so much fun.

But there comes a time when they really need to grow up. And it should actually come before voting age. However, this year...never seen this before...many 'adult's have not yet matured beyond the 'it's all about me stage.' It's actually, to use a word they know, deplorable.  Watching a person of age throw a fit can be very funny if no one gets hurt. But after a while, if no progress is shown, it is downright sickening. If you haven't noticed this recently, check your mirror.

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