Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Man

You might know that when I say "He's the man," I'm talking about this one here,  my husband.
While I am old and ready to give up this bigger house for a smaller more senior friendly place, Ron is still loving his home on the lake. 

He just found something we needed...a Vacuflo attachment for the kitchen.  It certainly wasn't the easy job he had envisioned, but he worked it out and now we have this hose, which allows us to whisk away the coffee grinds he always gets all over the kitchen counter. It is a great addition and I appreciate it.

I believe in looking for the positive. For some years now, I had to really look hard, or at least close to home, to find those positive thoughts. However, each day now brings along with the terribly negative stuff, some improvements to bless the lives of those in our country. 

Thank you Lord, for your blessings. Please continue to work on our behalf.

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