Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Cards are cards, some are used for games, some are used for greetings and others are just plain hilarious. Aussie is part of the last category.

As you know computer technology changes so fast that new things become antiques almost before we can turn around. Greg recently found one of those antiquities in the Audio Visual room at church. It was a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor. Aussie's comment, " Do you have a bag of popcorn to put in it?"  Funny guy, that Aussie.  

Of course he isn't exclusively amusing, all three of the triplets are pretty quick and the three of them can really keep us laughing. They are so consistently funny that they really should have their own sit-com. I'm not sure with all the talents combined in that family, why that hasn't come to pass already.  Maybe it is just a matter of time. Maybe they are letting school, etc. get in the way of progress;)

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