Saturday, November 12, 2011

99% VS the 1%

Aussie was in a Chinese Art class.  Everyone had different characters to draw.  
He was given the word, six.  We are happy he has enjoyed Chinese for several years now and hope that continues.

Aussie is very much interested in his work. We hope he continues to find satisfaction in his endeavors.

 There are many these days who are not satisfied.

Some who call themselves the 99% are actually placing blame on Wall Street for our economic woes.  While I agree that bankers, etc. are not lily white...Wall Street as a whole is not the real reason for all the trouble we have been  facing  these last 2 1/2 years. I contend our president and his liberal pals in the Democratic party are the ones to blame.

What to do about it? 

Well, it is definitely not what we see in the Occupy Wall Street  (unruly) crowd.  If you know people who are mixed up in this movement, I pray you will be able to speak kindly to them and explain that what they are doing is causing upheaval and will not, can not , achieve what they desire.  Some are listening and turning away.

One of the most disturbing things about the Occupiers:  their rallying cry, a song by Joseph Arthur called "We Stand as One."  That sounds nice enough, but the lyrics are pretty frightening.

Here are a few of the lyrics that are pretty disconcerting for me, as I am part of the  supposed 
1 % he is referencing.

Our canvas is freedom
Your blood is our paint [...]
Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast [...]
And what you won’t share
Will be ripped from your hands
Your body destroyed
The way fire lands
Burning your homes
The privilege you snake
The payback beyond
Anything you could take
Naked you’ll be
And full of regret
And the way they were treated
You’ll long to forget
While the peace movement in the 60's was based on love and peace, this new bunch are motivated by the leaders to be violent.

The song writer has said that he supports non-violence and a 'peaceful resolution", but his lyrics send a different message.

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