Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

We were blessed to have April visiting this weekend.  Ron had been working feverishly in the yard a couple of hours before she arrived.  While down by the lake, he decided he'd like our picture  taken there by the burning bush.  We managed to make that happen and here it is. Actually it was prettier earlier this fall, but it is still quite colorful.

I was happy to use my new Photoshop Elements 10 to write on the curve of the circle in this layout.  Writing on a curve is a feature not found on previous versions and one I've wanted for a long time.

After the busyness the last couple of days, we managed to get all the clocks moved backward an hour last night. It is so nice to wake up after getting a full night's sleep.  The only way I can do that on Sunday is to turn the clocks back.  Just can't make myself go to bed early enough  to jump up at 7 AM. Even on the "Lord's Day", 7AM is an ungodly hour... in by opinion. Daylight Savings Time works for me.  I appreciate that extra hour, even if it is just on one Sunday morning a year.

Speaking of my opinion: we watched the 'debate' on C Span last night between Herman Cain and Newt Gingerich.  If you get a chance to watch a rerun of it, you will profit by seeing it.  It is pleasant to see those two work so well together and put forth ideas that will certainly help our country overcome it's present difficulties.

God bless America.

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