Monday, November 28, 2011


My husband loves least it appears that way.  He always wants to see them. This last weekend, after much coaxing, he finally chose where he wanted to the Hagley Museum.  We arrived at 4:30 PM and it closed at 4:30 PM. Perhaps it would have been better to make some decisions earlier.  Well, anyway, I can look forward to seeing it next time.  I bet you can tell that I can hardly wait to see a museum of  gun powder.  Oh well, no matter what, my camera and I always find something interesting to shoot.  And how appropriate is a shot in a gun powder museum?  Very!

If we as a nation continue to postpone making decisions, we will end up sooner than later a socialist (Marxist) republic.  Some of the first moves are being made toward a 'peace keeping' force within the states.  Wake up people, our rights are being usurped. Inform yourselves and call your senators.  Then at least you can say you tried.

Be a vocal Christian this holiday season and wish all you see a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  May God bless you all.

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