Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love You Lord and Am Thankful for So Much

Caleb is a lucky boy.  His mom and grandmother are great cooks. (The excludes me, Gramma.)  When I was emailed this picture, I just figured it was baked just for him in Carol's kitchen, but even she buys some things ready to eat.  Anyway, he was at her house eating chocolate croissants.  What a treat. It certainly looks as if he was enjoying them.

Caleb is an active and  healthy boy! He eats well, so we don't worry about him having a few yummies. When he was here on Tuesday, his favorite part of lunch was Grandma Shearer's potato chips. He gobbled them.

Ladies' Bible Class this morning was dedicated to our favorite things. Some ladies brought sweet treats.
One made spiced cider. Some of us had favorite songs . Others had verses that were exceedingly comforting for them. One read a poem.

Even though I could have probably talked about my grand children, I didn't want to suggest that mine were better than those of the other older ladies.  So, I shared a song that I break into singing quite often at home.  It is the praise song,  I Love You Lord. I sing it in full voice when I'm alone...only in the company of our God and Father.  I know that He loves me his child. And I believe to Him, my voice is as beautiful as Carrie Underwood. (I'm sure that will make you laugh if you've heard me sing.)

I love you, Lord 
And I lift my voice 
To worship You 
Oh, my soul rejoice! 
Take joy my King 
In what You hear 
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear 

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