Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who is This Really?

I wasn't ready for this. When I got the picture, I recognized my daughter's china, but who is this girl in her house? Yes, it is Halloween, but who would this be in her house? She looked a little bit familiar, but I couldn't place her.  Where have I seen her?... OH on TV. Isn't this Selena Gomez? No, it couldn't be. She  isn't that short. Why, that is our grand daughter, Ashley!  No No No.  She is just 9, she is not ready for this. It is really scary, scarier to a grandmother than ghosts.  We hate to see our children grow up too fast.  We want to keep them little.  She's beautiful...but I don't want to look. OH GRAMMA! It is just for one day.  Happy Halloween.

This is a scary season in our lives...seeing all that our nation was being destroyed by every 'stroke of the liberal pen'.

This week 28 GOP Representatives have joined a call for Holder's resignation, and they should! As Attorney General, he is responsible for  'stonewalling' on Fast and Furious.  If you are not familiar with the gun running activity, check it out here:


Keep God close.  Only He can give us peace.


  1. I love that picture of her. The layout is really really cool too. Now the wig looks a bit witchish and has a hard time staying on her head, but that picture was taken when it was first taken out of the package.

  2. I noticed in some of the picture that she was fighting that wig.