Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Been There, Done That, Worn Out

What a blessing it was to have Beth and Caleb here yesterday. You know that grandchildren are the reward for having raised children.   The little fellow was so  full of energy and kept us entertained for hours.  I could tell he was getting sleepy near the end, but he held out until he got in his car seat, cuddled in with his new toys, and started back to Columbus where he has been visiting his Mom's side of the family.  Beth said he was out in no time and made her drive rather peaceful.  Now all we can think about  is how very cute and talented he is and when we are going to see him again.

The first part of the title, "Been There, Done That" has been a very popular saying in the past decade or two.  Adding, "Worn Out" just followed when I saw this picture.

Our nation has been there, done that before...twice before, once with FDR and then with Carter.  And it wore us out both times.  But no matter how tired it makes us feel, we have to keep up the good 'fight'.  We surely have learned from history and know that we can't give in to this type of practice.  We can not build business by choking it with government regulations and taxes.  We can not be independent of foreign oil, if we will not allow companies to drill here, drill now.  We can not be independent with wind power, sun power, or anything else that doesn't  and can't produce enough to run even one city in this nation.

With God's help we can rebuild this nation before it is too late.  We need to do it for Caleb and all the other children who should not have  to become slaves to government.

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