Monday, November 14, 2011

Lots of Leaves November 13, 2011

This is my blog entry for November 13. My computer  didn't cooperate and froze; so I had to publish it this morning. I'll have another later today for the 14th.

Ashley had gone out to play on the trampoline, but she ran in quickly yelling, "Mom, get your camera."
The trampoline had been covered by leaves during the night. This made jumping in the leaves much more fun than usual.   Of course, Chelle did have her camera and caught some really good shots of the kids. This page shows Ashley enjoying this unexpected gift of fall in her own backyard.

Tomorrow night  I hope to post a companion page for this one.

Tonight we had what we call a Harvest Dinner at church. It is an annual affair and draws many from church and friends of the church as well as neighbors.  Ron cooked a 22 pound turkey and I made LOTS of real cranberry sauce.  Since I wanted a fresh turkey before the week of Easter, we paid dearly for it.  Some had bought their frozen turkeys for 69 cents a pound and we paid over $2 a pound.  For a bargain hunter, I really got a bad deal.  I also bought three bags of fresh cranberries.  Whenever I go to the grocery store these days, I wonder how people are coping if they still have high house payments, etc.  We must do something to pull ourselves together and STOP THE OUTRAGEOUS FEDERAL SPENDING that will collapse our economy.

I don't think you check in to be left in a bad mood, so consider the Lord and His goodness.  Rely on Him to give you peace, for He is a good God, full of love and forgiveness.

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