Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Splendor

Last Friday some of us ORU girls made a little road trip down to the Pine Tree Barn. Even though the sun was not shining brightly, it was not a dreary day. And we caught the end of some very lovely fall color.

As usual we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and dessert.  We also had a lot of fun browsing through all the rooms in the 'barn' admiring  apparel, furniture, gift items, jewelry and Christmas decorations.  I tend to be conservative with my wallet these days, but I  broke down and bought  a couple of items.  One was a scarf that Teresa, acting as my personal shopper, picked out for me and the other a string of Christmas lighted stars, which will look splendid on my angel tree.  Is it really about time to drag those trees up from the basement again???

It was wonderful to have a volunteer snap this picture for us, permitting me the pleasure of simply doing a
layout without any photoshopping of the shot.  I wish she knew how much time she saved me and how much I appreciated her help.

God bless those who are thoughtful and anticipate the needs of others instead of continually wanting others to do everything for them. If you are not generally one who will step up and volunteer help, consider doing that now and then.  Not only will you be appreciated, but you will feel satisfaction in your soul.

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