Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey

Something is wrong with this picture.  

 I'd like you to meet some fine looking white Amish turkeys. They do not look like the traditional birds we see in picture books. They are quite pretty.  And I'm told by my daughter, who lives in the neighborhood, that the little children of the family like to play with them.  

Now let me tell you about Thanksgiving Day... One of these big birds ended up on the  dining room table of my daughter. It had lost its feathers and really looked like any other turkey one might buy at the store.  It was delicious.  But I must say, that at least one person there declined to eat that pet turkey.

Now, notice Abram and Sarah Turkey look at that funny looking brown creature dressed in his Pilgrim clothes. I wonder what they are thinking.

I'll tell you what. I really would prefer to eat a  turkey from the local grocery  than one that grew up down the street from me.  Okay, laugh at me if you will.  But next year, I'm eating ham. ..and don't show me any cute pigs.

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