Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I had not realized what a big deal it could be for a nine year old to sit in the front seat of the family car. When I was a young girl, my mother and I would go to the store and I rode in the front. When my children were young, they did not have to ride in a car seat after about age 2....and that car seat could be in the front. It's been many years since then and a lot has changed. There are more and more regulations that were designed to protect us from ourselves. Frankly, if some of these things were not the law, I would not practice them.  I would especially leave the babies up in the front beside me rather than in the back where I couldn't comfort them with my touch. As a law abiding person though, I do. obey..reluctantly maybe, but I still do.

All that to tell you about today's layout.  Ashley at age 9 is still small enough that she must sit in a kid's seat in the back.  But while she and her mother were waiting for the boys, they went to a drive in and Little Miss got to sit in the front with Mom once they were there.  She had just seen a layout the day before in which I had put a new background behind her brothers. She had been very impressed and evidently was thinking about that when she said to her mother something to the effect that she wished she could make it daylight so she could tease her dad about her riding in the front seat.  Well, Ashley,  I've not only made it daylight, but you might tell him you were flying in the car.  What do you think?   

If I didn't have a wonderful family and a marvelous church family right now, I believe I'd be in utter despair over the election here in Ohio yesterday. It is so discouraging to see how brain washed the voters are about the public unions.  If they only knew that the way they voted will most likely bring about the very thing they were trying to prevent.  It's very sad.  I hope that by the next time  a similar issue comes up, they will better understand cause and effect.  

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