Friday, November 18, 2011

Here Is Your Wish

This layout was  done to please my daughter, Chelle. She took her triplets on a photo shoot yesterday. They co-operated and she  took some marvelous pictures.  However, she wanted them  to pose with this scarecrow and they thought it was just too creepy.  They didn't want to be near it.

No problem for Gramma.  She could make it happen. Hope you are happy, Chelle.  And kiddos, hope you are glad your mom is happy while you didn't have to be anywhere near old Mr. Ugly Face.

I'm glad to have helped out here, while I'm not sure what I'll be able to do day to day...I think my computer is about to die.  At least that is the way it hard drive is failing.  There could be a time when I don't get to publish my layout of the day.

With all the trouble in the world already, we might as pile this on as well...a rebellious computer.    It just doesn't want to work.. . It  would rather set on my desk and look pretty. Maybe we should pitch a tent in the park for it.

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