Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ashley as Little Medusa

Ashley loves anime and her parents make an effort to get her to as many meets as they can. This one was Tri Con Anime in Indiana the second week of July this year.

She took costumes for three different characters with her. She likes to do short characters, so this time she is portraying  a young girl named Little Medusaa. In the picture at the top, she is posing with Little Medusa's older sister, Arachne. At the bottom, she is visiting with the lady who actually does Medusa's voice.

Concerned tonight about the flooding in Houston. We have a good friend who lives there on the outskirts and as we watch on TV, it sounds bad all around. We are praying that people are rescued safely and that the rain slows down, that is doesn't rain the 25 more inches they are predicting.

Praying also that our son who is south of there and has had flights cancelled because of the flooding can get home safely by another  route.

I can't help but feel a loss again that came from the Galveston flood in 1900, when my grandmother's parents were lost. She was just a baby and was adopted by a family who raised her in Granbury, Texas.

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